Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sweeter than candy, hotter than heat, more precious than diamonds, girl you can't be beat!

Evie and I had such a fun day! She has been extra sweet and cuddly. We made cinnamon toast for breakfast which is her favorite this week. She thinks it's so fun to sprinkle the cinnamon sugar on her bread. We tried to put a few things away but Evie thought it would be more fun to squirt a little shampoo in the carpet. Needless to say, we stopped putting things away and decided to have fun playing. Evie is still a little reader and spends most of her time with a book in her hand. She was quick to notice her new book from Dolly Parton's Imagination Library that came in the mail. It might be time for me to get some of my old books from teaching out since she is starting to listen for longer periods of time. It's so cute to see her so excited about reading! We read a book about a bear sleeping in a bed and that just cracked her up.

  We met some friends for lunch at Blue Coast Burrito. Evie was thrilled to see her friend Paige. We shared a taco salad and Evie ate most of it. That girl loves her salad. Paige took great care of Evie wiping her face and hands and helping her get down from the table. Evie did not pay any of the other kids a bit of attention since she had Paige. It was nice to get out of the house for a bit and have some adult conversation.

    We came home and it started raining which made for an extended nap time. I actually accomplished a few things. My laundry room is completely clean so tomorrow I will tackle the kitchen.
 Evie and I stayed home and watched the rain fall all afternoon. She loves to climb all over us and thinks it is so funny. That's easy so I just let her climb all over me then we had a little dance party since we could not walk in the rain. Evie got a little nervous when it thundered so I just turned up the music louder. We had the best time dancing and giggling together. Evie was copying all of my moves so it was so hysterical to see her interpretation of my dancing. Then, it was time to vacuum which Evie really does not like at all. She climbed up in the chair and kept a watchful eye on the vacuum. Hope you had a great day too!


  1. Jennifer, Evie is just the cutest thing. Sounds like you two had a great day.

  2. i always love the creative titles of your posts! the picture of evie with her "watchful eye" cracks me up!! i have seen that face many times coming from a certain little girl at my house - ha! :)


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