Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our Week in Pictures!

Evie and her jungle jumper at the James' of the jungle party.

Evie went down these stairs three million times.

Daddy and Evie hanging out while Evie downed four juice boxes.

Evie about to get into some type of trouble!

Yummy cake made with brown sugar.

Sweet friends with our babies. Susan will be a Mommy in March.
James is a very confident walker.

It's morning but be sure to notice that it is still dark outside.

Evie and her pumpkin shirt checking out the fish.

Playing at her castle!

Uncle Ben's tent is so much fun!

Aunt Libby reading Evie some new books.

Nana, Ipop and Evie!
Post below this is a synopsis of our weekend and here are some pictures of our week in Gastonia. We were able to pack a lot into one week. Three dates, several visits with friends, all the grandparents saw Evie and Carl got a lot accomplished at work! We got a lot of bang for our buck.

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