Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We heard Evie bright and early this morning calling for her Daddy. She must know that Mommy has a rule that we do not get up before 7.  Evie is still telling me to play all day! It's so cute . . . most of the time. She has such a good sense of direction and can tell me when we are getting close to one of her playgrounds. I think she's pretty smart!

  Evie had Kindermusik this morning and she had a blast. I guess the third time is the charm because she followed directions and even gave Ms. Jan a hug after her friend Jane did. That makes her the second one o hug this morning rather than the last. Evie spotted the Hula Hoops up on top of the cabinet and wanted one so badly. She must have remembered the song using the hoop from last week. Ms. Jan thinks we must get Evie her own Hula Hoop right away.  I heard "hoop" at every transition for the entire class. She is one determined little girl.

   Evie napped and I finished South of Broad. It was such a good read and I highly recommend it especially if you love Charleston. You will recognize many of the places and people. It makes me want to go down for a quick trip. Southwest announced their flight schedule today. Carl and I are so excited that there will be a direct flight to Charleston and Greenville from Nashville. They are having really good introductory rates right now too.

    Evie and I had a quick appointment and then headed out for some pizza. Carl had a dinner meeting at an Indian restaurant. Can't wait to hear what he ate because he is not exactly adventurous when it comes to food but the customer requested his favorite restaurant. Carl abhors mayonnaise and I told him that it would be extremely unlikely to find mayo in any of the dishes. Carl reminded me that we had some Indian food several years ago at his cousin's gorgeous wedding. I am glad that Evie saw her Daddy bright and early this morning because she has been calling for him all day.

  Evie and I played outside a lot today. She even let me go down her roller coaster but she was not too excited about it. That's good because it's not something that I plan on doing again anyway. She loves for me to walk up and down the ramp with her so that is an easy way to occupy her. We are really enjoying this fabulous weather. Nashville is especially beautiful this time of year!

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