Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up!

We left my parents house early on Friday morning. We had such a nice visit! Carl went to work and Lindsay picked us up for a fun adventure. Evie and James were very surprised to see each other in the backseat. James did not sit back the entire time. Evie was way too interesting for him. He tried to share some snack with Evie but they could not reach to pass it to each other. We took the kiddos to Pet Smart. It was a HUGE hit. They have a little doggy day camp so there were lots of dogs running around. They even had a slide! Our next stop was Buy Buy Baby. That is one amazing store filled with all things baby. I was very impressed and am hoping they will open a location in Nashville.  Lindsay had a delicious lunch for us and the kids played nicely together. They both crashed at nap time. Evie was exhausted and her poor little teeth were bothering her. Evie had so much fun with the dogs and going on wagon rides with James' grandparents.Lindsay and I were amazed the different personalities in our kids. Evie is a drama queen and has 100 different emotions within a day and James is just as calm as a cucumber in every situation. They are both sweet, smart and adorable in every way. It was so fun to spend the day with my sweet friend and her sweet baby boy. Carl got there a little later than expected so we were pretty late getting to Carl's parents house.

  Evie was excited to see her Sheshe and Poppy. She remembered the porch right out away and wanted to see the "wa wa". We had dinner and Evie went to bed. Carl and I enjoyed looking at the pictures from their trip to Europe. Evie slept until 7:30 and then Poppy made us a delicious breakfast. Evie showed off all of her new tricks to her grandparents. They just think she is amazing! Carl and his Dad cleaned the boat before we went for a ride. Evie enjoyed the boat this time and sat so still on our laps. She even helped Carl drive the boat. Carl's parents treated us to lunch at the market and some ice cream. It was a gorgeous day and we would have loved to have spent the day on the boat with them.

   Evie was asleep before we left the neighborhood. She's not so good at sleeping in the car and only slept for about an hour. Evie was amazing in the car! We are always so impressed that she entertains herself so well. She read a few books, ate some cookies, played with her baby and un-snapped her overalls. We only stopped once which got us back to Tennessee way early than we had anticipated.

    Evie got a rock star welcome back to her house because all the kids next door came out to greet her. They were thrilled to see her and wanted to know where she had been. Grace carried her around and Dru showed off his new tattoo.  Evie was so happy to be home and went right to bed.

    She slept late this morning and we had a lazy day at home. It was a gorgeous day! Evie has adjusted back to Central Time very well this time and I took a nice nap this afternoon. We had a great trip to the Carolinas.

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