Thursday, October 28, 2010

Timely Thursday

Thursdays are one of my very favorite days since it's the day Evie goes to MMO. She's only there for three hours but I get so much done and she has so much fun. I love to pick her up because she is so excited to see me. She was going over a checklist with Ms. Linda when I walked in and was so happy to be helping.

  Evie napped until almost 4 and then we played outside until Carl got home. We had to get our jackets! I made chicken noodle soup for dinner and Carl made grilled cheese. He makes them way better than I do.

   It's almost Friday and we are so excited becausse it's our date night. Can't wait to go do something fun with my husband.

One of my favorite bloggers at Clover Lane posted this quote on her blog. It's such a good quote! I love reading about big families. Not that we plan to have one but it really puts things into perspective.

"Fear less, hope more,  

eat less, chew more,

whine less, breathe more,

talk less, say more,

hate less, love more,

and good things will be yours."

Swedish Proverb


  1. I LOOOOOOOVE clover lane! i saw that quote this morning on her blog and thought it was awesome! :)

  2. Great quote! Enjoy your date night with Carl!

  3. We have that same "Gallop" book. Evie is adorable!


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