Monday, October 18, 2010

Triple Play!

Evie and I had a lazy morning at home because we had a super busy day planned. It was so nice to sit at home reading books, playing with baby dolls and getting a little laundry done. We met our friends Logan and Amanda and Carol and Cassidy for lunch at Chuy's. The kids did really great eating but Evie was ready to go by the end.

  We headed to Murfreesboro to see Maura and all three of her girls. It's so crazy that Maura is a mom to three beautiful baby girls now. Everyone was doing great and Abby was such a proud big sister. This picture does not accurately portray how absolutely adorable and teeny-tiny these sweet girls are in person. I just loved holding and snuggling with a tiny baby and it made Evie seem like a giant. Maura is really good at getting calm, sweet babies which makes it look really easy to have three children. She assured me that it was not so easy in the middle of the night! I cannot wait for all the fun we will have with all four girls: Victoria, Sydney, Abby and Evie. My sweet Evie was very impressed that there were two babies. She thought it was really fun to pull on their toes and perform magic tricks with their blanket. Maura is so relaxed and totally relaxed. Evie and Abby played well together even though neither one of them had napped. They really like each other and are so sweet together. Both girls wore their pumpkin shirts but were not too interested in a photo shoot.

   Evie slept all the way to our next stop Walden Farm. We met some moms from our MOMS group. It was a great farm with a little train and a hayride. They had lots of animals and play equipment. Evie made a beeline for the play area since she loves to play. We had so much fun but were both tired after our busy, exiting day.

   Carl's truck was here when we got home but he had gone jogging. Evie was concerned about where her Daddy was since she saw his truck. She kept calling out "Carl" in hopes that he'd appear. Some of our neighbors brought over a roller coaster for Evie. It was Evie's dinnertime so she has not seen it yet but will be so excited in the morning. Bedtime came early for Evie and I will not be far behind her.

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  1. What a fun day. Those babies are precious. I am sure Evie will love her roller coaster.


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