Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Princess Evie

Lindsey Page Wells

Evie has had so much fun already this week visiting her grandparents and Uncle Ben. Evie and I took her Daddy to the airport yesterday and we played outside a lot. She is having so much fun with the doggies. I think they like her too.

 We picked Nana up at work and then played outside some more. After dinner, I went to see Lindsey, the beautiful daughter of my friend Allison and niece of my friend Courtney. We had a nice visit and it makes me miss living so far away from everyone. I am trying to encourage Courtney and Phillip to come visit us in Nashville while they are still footloose and fancy free. Lindsey is a tiny little thing and so alert. She was just taking it all in and felt so soft while I was holding her. It's been a long time since I held a tiny baby! Picture is borrowed from Aunt Courtney's blog. I can't believe that I forgot to take my camera!

     Evie had fun playing in her Uncle Ben's tent that she set up in the living room. This kid has it made here: a tent in the living room and a slide in the den.

      Evie went to bed on Central Time and woke up on Eastern Time. It's hard to keep it all straight but it seems to make a difference with sleeping. She's tired but will not go to sleep before 1:00 Central Time which makes for a late nap since everyone else is on Eastern Time. It's great at bedtime because has plenty of time to enjoy visiting her family since bedtime is around 8. Are you confused? I am too and we were almost late to a movie because of it.

      We ran a few errands this morning. Ipop and Nana wanted to get Evie a toy because she just does not have enough. It's pretty clear that Evie is their first grandchild. Evie got an art desk to keep here and a baby changing station to take home with her to Tennessee. She also talked her Ipop into a pair of jeans to wear with her pumpkin shirt! What a lucky girl. Can't wait to see my baby in jeans for the first time.

  We went to Martha River's park this morning and had a blast. Evie loved the castle and had fun exploring the new space. Can't wait to go back to the park and Evie has been saying castle all afternoon. Maybe she really is a princess! Evie misses her Daddy so much because she will always be his princess.


  1. Can't wait to see some pictures of Evie in her jeans. I've been debating on some for Avery. Enjoy your time at home!

  2. Seriously...never worn jeans? What has she worn? That is practically P has ever worn in the winter months!

  3. We loved our visit with you! Phillip and I will definitely plan a trip to Nashville!

  4. Ha! I love that Evie has never worn jeans...can't wait to see the pictures! Molly wore the cutest skinny jeans the other day with a tunic - I loved it. It's fun to have the girl clothes, but we'd really be in trouble without jeans some days!


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