Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Roll, Evie, Roll!

We had a super low-key day at home. Just what we needed since I hurt my back yesterday. Evie did not get up and going until 8:30 this morning. She was in her crib for 14 hours! What a good girl. She really likes her crib which makes us so happy.

  Evie and I cleaned the blinds and wiped down the cabinets. Other than that, we did not get anything productive done but we had lots of fun. Carl put together Evie's baby care station from her Ipop and Nana. That entertained her for a LONG time and just loves it! Evie read some books and raided the candy corn bag. She was stuffing her mouth full of candy corn as fast as she could. I tried encourageing her to share with me but she was not interested in sharing at all. We had a late lunch since Evie ate her weight in candy corn. Carl eats his candy corn in three separate bites for each color section. Evie eats her candy corn by the handul. I eat just a few pieces per season because I prefer chocolate candy.

  Evie slept until 4 which gave me a chance to prepare dinner for a friend with a baby. I'm probably the last person to hear of this but lots of people just leave coolers out on their porches here so you can just drop dinner off without worrying about disturbing the mom or the new baby. That's such a great idea! Of course, everyone wants to see the new baby but it can be so stressful at the beginning having so many people in and out of the house while attempting to nurse a baby and recover from delivery.

   Evie spotted several play area's along the way and wanted to play. We were on the way to a park when we talked to Carl. He was at home so we headed back too. Evie played on her new roller coaster from our thoughtful neighbors. It's going to provide endless hours of outdoor entertainment. Evie was thrilled and figured it all out so quickly. We went on a walk to see if that would ease my back pain and it did help for a bit.

   I made spaghetti for dinner while Evie played outside with her Daddy. She was so excited to see spaghetti for dinner. That's one of her favorites although I make penne for her since it's easier to pick up with a fork.

  Evie has been in the best mood all day. Let's hope it continues tomorrow.



  1. So glad you explained the cooler thing....I was wondering why they would have a cooler on their porch when you posted about that earlier. That IS a good idea!
    Love the roller coaster and Evie's face on it - priceless!
    Evie and Libbi would have so much fun together, as long as they each had their OWN bag of candy corn - ha! :)

  2. I haven't heard of the cooler thing...that would have been nice, but it was also nice to pretend to be part of the land of the living, too!

    Glad Evie enjoyed her roller coaster. It sure does look fun!

  3. I want a roller coaster! That looks super fun!


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