Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dancing Queen

Evie and I straightened the den this morning. She's outgrown some toys and we had little pieces of stuff everywhere. It was so funny to see her so intent on helping. She's really good at sorting objects. We had a lot of piles to sort including lots of balls, babies and blocks! Of course, we had time for a little dancing. It makes me laugh because Evie literally drops everything when the music comes on and starts moving to the beat. She had a pile of books in her hand but they went to the floor when she heard her songs.

  Evie wore her costume to Kindermusik this morning. Ms. Jan propped the door open to keep us a little cooler which helped so much. Evie loved music class today and remembers the steps from her double dose of class last week. It's so cute to see her do the motions to Hot Cross Buns.

   I got everything completed off my to do list this afternoon. That's the first time in a long time that I have been so productive. Evie wanted to play outside after nap so we took our snack on the patio. It was a gorgeous day and there's probably not too many of them left so we took advantage of it.

   Carl had a dinner meeting so we ran a few errands and then got some pizza. Evie was so excited because there were several children in the restaurant and she kept pointing out the boys. She knows a lot more boys than girls but she said girl way earlier than boy. It's interesting to see her putting words to things that she has known for so long and watch her make so many connections to her environment. She's my little shadow and copies everything that I do from propping my leg in the shower to folding clothes.

   After dinner,we played outside some more. Evie likes to check on her pumpkins on the porch and give them a little kiss. I am not sure where she gets these ideas but it keeps her entertained.

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