Friday, October 15, 2010

Fire Station Fun!

Evie and I went to the fire station this morning with some of our friends. Evie had so much fun but did not have a clue where she was or why she was there. It was so cute because the boys knew just what was happening but the girls were just spinning around the parking lot. Evie was not interested in driving the fire truck or wearing any of the gear. We did manage to get a picture of most of the group and it turned out pretty cute. After the fire station, we went to River Park for a little playtime. It was the most gorgeous day!

 After nap, Evie and I delivered some food to a family with a new baby. That mom was super organized with her cooler on the porch and a thank you note waiting on top of the cooler. It made my day because she reminded me how special a home cooked meal is for someone with a new baby. So quickly I have forgotten what it's like to have a little one.

     Evie has been saying play all day long. Not sure what she has in mind but I am pretty sure we have been playing all day. I took her to a new park this afternoon and she had a blast. There was a sweet dog there and Evie of course had to go check out his teeth. Goodness, she has no fear but luckily Katy was a gentle kind dog and I so enjoyed talking to the owner of the dog, Sam. He told me all about kindergarten and his blind cats at home.

   Thank goodness for Daddy! Evie was so happy to see him this morning and thrilled again this afternoon. He took her outside while I prepared some dinner for our family. She She and Poppy sent a sweet treat home with Carl. It was a stick filled with Halloween surprises. Evie went to town on it and will enjoy the rest tomorrow.

   Carl and I are exhausted from a crazy week. TGIF!!!


  1. How fun! My husband is in the fire department and can't wait to take Avery for a ride in one of the trucks. We'll have to see if she's interested. I loved your description of the girls' reactions.

  2. Hi Jennifer, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. I was glad to see that we had similar impressions of MOPS. I really want it to work out so I am looking forward to meeting more moms at our next meeting. Can you believe that when we went to Longhorn for dinner last night a MOPS mom stopped by our table and introduced herself and said she saw me at our MOPS meeting? She didn't look familiar to me but I was so glad she stopped by and introduced herself. I think it was a sign from God to keeping going! Hope you are having a great weekend.



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