Friday, October 22, 2010

Gymnastics and Pizza

We met our moms group at Let it Shine this morning at 9 AM. It was a major ordeal for us to get somewhere so early since we are used to lazy mornings at home. Evie had a spectacular time playing, jumping, running and climbing all over the place. She loved sliding down the slide into the block pit. It was so cute to see her looking so tiny in a huge pit of blocks. Evie got stuck on the big curvy slide and it was so sweet to listen to her friend Allie make her feel better. Allie said, It's okay Evie. Don't be scared. I used to be scared too." What a sweet girl! Evie saw her friend Ce Ce there and kept looking for her the whole time we were there.

  We ran a few errands after Let it Shine and then came home to play outside. Evie woke up and had a snack outside with our neighbors. Carl came home early and we headed to Mellow Mushroom for dinner. It's so nice that Evie is a little older and can handle going to restaurants a little later without having a meltdown. Evie is growing so fast since she eats so much food. I am pretty sure she eats more than me most days. She loved her pizza and ate a fruit cup too. After dinner, we walked around downtown Franklin and went into a few stores.

   It was getting dark so it was time to head home. Carl and Evie played outside. Nothing planned for the rest of the night except hanging out on the couch! Happy Friday.

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  1. I love Friday night dinners with my little family. Pizza is one of our favorites, too. ;)


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