Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Sweet little Henry is turning into trouble with a capital T as he nears his first birthday. He thinks all of his antics are just hysterical and I make it so much worse by grabbing my camera to document all of this. We always have empty rolls of toilet paper, our kitchen is covered with stray cheerios, the remote control shows up in the strangest places and let's not forget the chicken tender that turned up in my diaper bag. Boys are sweet but much more adventurous than most little girls. That's saying a lot since Evie was a little explorer herself a few years back. This stage will pass quickly so I am trying to take it in stride clicking pictures of my little guy in action.


  1. Hilarious...but only because Sam is not yet mobile! I'm sure Henry is always under Evie's watchful eye. Avery is quick to report the pets' actions so I'm sure Sam will be no different.

  2. Its boys!! Jules never does this stuff, and Josh is a little monkey getting into trouble!

  3. Haha! He's a doll! Boys are so fun (and messy)!


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