Tuesday, June 5, 2012

11 Months!

Dear Henry,

  Here we are again, you are 11 months old today! My little baby is disappearing by the day and a giggling, confident, adorable toddler is beginning to emerge. You are the happiest baby. I tell everyone that I could travel to Europe with you just fine because you are so adaptable to all situations. I love you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Your sweet baby breath, soft skin and snuggles remind me of the thrill of being your Mommy.

You weigh about 20 pounds and will eat pretty much anything that we give you to eat except baby food. Raspberries and pasta are two of your favorite foods. You are still nursing three to four times per day. You wear a size 12 to 18 month depending on the cut. Shoes are in your near future because you are already taking lots of steps and getting braver by the day.

Your hair is getting lighter. Can't believe that I might have two babies with blonde hair.

You love your sister so much and she loves you too. Sometimes she shows her love a little too much but headlocks and suffocation do not ruffle your feathers one bit. You are perfectly content for her to hug and squeeze you all day. She's your favorite playmate and you smile from ear to ear when she enters the room.

You entertain yourself so well and will play in the kitchen cabinets or with the shower door for long periods of time. You have a fascination with outlets and think it's so fun to take things in and out of the outlet especially nightlights. You flush the toilet and unravel the paper. Daddy thinks you might have stuffed something down the toilet too. Evie did that when she was about your age too.

Mama was your first word which delighted me! You will occasionally say "bye bye" but you say "Mama" a lot with a big grin on your face. Evie cheers you on and is already trying to teach you other words. Evie plays with you a lot and you love hanging out in her room. You really like to climb on her chair while I read Evie books.

You are sleeping so much better after some sleep training. I can barely tolerate listen to you cry, it makes me want to rescue you but sleep is non-negotiable. We are all happier now that you are sleeping through the night again. Bun Bun keeps you happy and Evie makes sure he is always in the crib. You throw him out just like Evie used to do and we have to go rescue him for you so that you can sleep.  Your morning nap is your longest nap of the day. Sometimes, I wake you up after two hours since your afternoon nap is rarely more than an hour. Even when you are tired, you are still happy as a clam for any adventure on the agenda. Everything is fun to you from swimming in the pool, to play dates or even just hanging out in the front yard. Music makes you dance and you love for me to sing to you. Your laugh makes me sing more because it's the sweetest sound ever.

You are one busy boy and defintely keep me on my toes. I never imagined loving you as much as I do but you are my precious boy. It's so fun watching you grow and change.

Love, Mommy and Daddy


  1. I can't believe how much he's grown! I love learning about sweet boys through Henry. I was just looking back at his 3 and 4 month posts the other day. I don't want to rush Sam along but I'm so eager to how he and Avery will interact when he's Henry's age. I'm getting the feeling I'll be busy! Hard to believe I'll be reading Henry's birthday post in one month.

  2. 11 Months!! Wow! What a cutie :)


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