Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday: Lilly Love

It's National Wear Your Lilly Day just in case you have not heard so my post is all about Lilly! My love affair with Lilly began while attending College of Charleston. I still have my first Lilly that my parents bought me at Sak's on King Street. That store is closed now but my Lilly is still hanging in my closet. It's green with orange fish. Pretty bold print for my first Lilly!

I always dreamed of having a little baby girl to dress in Lilly! Evie is my dream come true and she loves Lilly just like her Mama. She requests to wear her Lilly dresses and can even identify a few prints. I was telling Lizzie, my SIL's niece, about Evie's love for Lilly. Lizzie is 14 and made me crack up when she mentioned that she did not quite not quite know about Lilly at age 3. My response was that Evie is wearing her hand-me down Lilly along with hand-me downs from my sweet nieces Mary and Lucy.

Lindsay bought Evie her first Lilly before she was even born. It was a delicate swing top with precious little bloomers. It was a bright reddish pink, blue and white which made it the perfect 4th of July attire for my baby girl. Evie was infatuated with the Lilly Pullitzer store on our vacation to Kiawah. That's my girl!

We've had lots of Lilly come in and out of our house over the last few years. Mama does not buy Lilly for herself anymore but still wears it several times a month. People in Nashville must not love Lilly like all my Carolina Girls because it's rare to see a Lilly dress in town.

That's okay, we will take the opportunity to share our Lilly love.

Here's a few of our favorite Lilly pieces.

These melamine plates are the perfect gift! Evie has two sets that she has received as gifts. Each plate comes with a matching bowl and utensils. I'll take that over another toy any day.

Carl bought Evie a Lilly canteen for Christmas and it's been a real hit around our house. He bought me a water glass and it makes water taste so much better.

We even love our special Lilly animal crackers.

We have Lilly pencils, planners, party guides, note pads and love it all!

Hope you wore your Lilly today!


  1. ha, SO cute Jennifer! We love Lilly too!

  2. Love Lilly! Even Phillip tries to encourage me to buy Lilly and you know that says a lot coming from my friendly banker! Evie looks adorable, as usual! Now if only they would offer more Lilly for baby boys...swim trunks would be ideal!


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