Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up!

We had such a fun weekend! It was so nice to be home with very few plans. That's my kind of weekend. Pictures will be added once my computer gets straightened out. On Saturday, we headed to the Maryland Farms YMCA to swim. Let's just say that all of us were impressed. It was a blast. Evie loved going down the slide and Henry enjoyed watching all the kids from his float. We will go back soon. It's hard to take two kids to the pool by myself but it is manageable with some planning and the stroller. Henry and Evie went down for naps and then we headed out for George's birthday party. Evie was excited to see George. She made a beeline for the dress-up clothes and entertained everyone pretending to be Santa. Christmas in June felt quite merry with Evie's hearty Ho Ho Ho's. Henry had fun playing with the train table and eating yummy snacks. Evie was devastated that she missed singing Happy Birthday to George since she was in the bathroom. I am not sure why but this always upsets Evie. George was sweet enough to allow Evie to serenade him. Melissa created such a festive atmosphere to celebrate her son's 3rd birthday. I loved the sugar cookie favors with almond flavoring. We stopped by Trader Joe's since we were in the area. Love grocery shopping at Trader Joe's! Evie spotted her boys when we pulled in the driveway so we popped over for a few minutes. Bedtime came early for the kiddos and then Carl grilled some filets for us. It was so good! It was a lazy Sunday at home. Evie and I watched a movie while Henry napped. We went for a long walk since it was such a nice morning. I was engrossed in a book during nap time and then ran a few quick errands. We had some playtime with our kids and then Carl took Evie to the concert in the park. It was raining a bit so I stayed home with Henry. Our sweet girl was so excited to go on a date with her Daddy. Carl was excited too! Evie thought the symphony would be a great time to pretend to be a bird. Carl said some of the other members of the audience did not appreciate Evie's antics so they scooted home a bit early. Weekends go by way too fast! Hope your week gets off to a terrific start .

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  1. i just love evie's personality! she is too funny!!
    bless her heart for missing the birthday song, i know that must have been traumatic! :)
    and you are much braver than i....we have a neighborhood pool, but i have yet to muster up the courage to take both girls by myself. i did last summer, but that was before laney was mobile so she would just hang out in the stroller the whole time. this year, taking two walking, VERY opinionated, independent little girls seems to be more than i'm willing to take on. :)


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