Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up! (Updated with pictures)

We had a low-key weekend. I was feeling a bit of Mommy Monotony for the first part of the weekend. You know the drill, wake up, make meals, naps, play, clean up, make another meal, clean up etc. I love being a mommy but it is always nice to have a break in routine. There have been some things on my to-do list that have been bugging me and we finally got them knocked off the list. Have you heard of the book 5 Love Languages? It's one of my favorites and I can thank Courtney, my real life friend, of Following the Fryes for telling me about it. You should read it if you have not already. My love language is acts of service. It made me feel so loved when Carl hung the coat rack and moved the baby gear to the attic. Carl's  love language is words of affirmation and Evie's is quality time. Not sure about Henry yet. There is even a love language for kids book that specifically helps parents relate to their children in a more meaningful way. Here's a fabulous chart found on a blog for helping you show your child love.

Saturday: Henry woke up bright and early so nap time began around 8:30. We headed out to the Farmer's Market for our favorite doughnuts. Henry tried one for the first time. YUMMY! Carl dropped me off for an errand and took the kids to Home Depot to pick out a new gardenia bush since the extreme heat killed our last bush. Everyone helped plant the gardenia and then it was nap time. Henry did not nap well at all so I decided it'd be a great time to skip out to the grocery store. Carl prepared dinner for us and took care of the children. That's an act of service that I really appreciated! I did lots of organizing and getting things put away which always makes me feel so incredibly productive.

Sunday: We went to church and stayed for the picnic. Evie and Henry were in the same class because we attended church at Evie's preschool. Evie thought this was so fun and even more fun because they had a slip and slide for the picnic. It was a delicious barbecue lunch and we all had a terrific time. Henry had a record nap of 2 hours and 10 minutes. He has not slept more than two hours in a long time. I decided to check back on the blog and noticed that Evie was a short napper at this age too. That gives me hope for longer nap times in my future. I went to church for a Bible school meeting at Evie's school because I am teaching one day since she will be there for the week of Bible school. Then, we all headed to the first concert in the park. It was a nice evening with cooler weather, happy children and good music from Little Texas. Can't wait to go back for another concert. Evie told me that she was going to be in a rock band when she grows up and that I could come watch her sing. She LOVES dancing down at the front and Henry just checked everything out. It was past his bedtime but he did so well tonight. He got snuggly towards the end which is always nice.


  1. Love that picture of you and Evie dancing!

  2. Stunning picture of you and Evie! I love it, Jennifer! Davis tends to take much longer naps on the weekend when he's at home compared to daycare. I didn't know what to do on Sunday when he napped for four hours! I hope he continues to reserve his long naps for days when we are home together although I can't help but want to pick him up and snuggle him!


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