Monday, June 4, 2012

Sky High

We met some friends at Sky High this morning for some jumping fun. Sky High is new to our area and was a really good way to burn some energy. It's a huge facility with easy access for strollers and tons of room to spread out. Monday is known for Munchkin Monday and it's only $5 for the first hour and $2 for the second hour between 11 and 1. I bought two hours but we left right after the first hour. Evie was hot and tired but still thrilled to be jumping. Mama was hot and tired and decided that it was worth losing $2 to get out of there. The air conditioning was not working well and it was incredibly hot! Next time, we will jump for an hour before buying a second hour.

Sky High has a few different courts which spreads the jumpers out although there was less than 10 kids there this morning. Children under 2 are free. Henry had fun bouncing a little too. There is a supervisor located on each court and they are sticklers for rules. I am a rule follower but this place makes me seem wild and crazy. Henry was reprimanded for removing his arm band even though I had it in my hand. He was not a fan of wearing a bracelet at all.

Sky High is located near the airport and one of the moms commented that it would be a great place to take the kids before an airplane ride to burn some energy. Evie was literally dripping in sweat with bright rosy cheeks after an hour of jumping.

Evie was requesting to take a nap before she even finished her lunch. Can't wait to go back soon!


  1. What a great idea about burning some energy before a flight! I agree with Amy, Evie looks so tall here!

  2. Looks like a blast! Evie is too cute! Hope you are having a wonderful summer!


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