Friday, June 8, 2012

Week in Review

This has been a long week. Not sure why, but it seemed like Friday would never arrive!My computer is not working so I will post pictures after it returns from the shop.

Monday: Carl left the house before 5am to drive to Pigeon Forge then both kids were up at 6:15. We went to Sky High in the morning and then the pool after naps. It was my first time taking both kids to the pool by myself and we all survived without any meltdowns.Carl arrived home around 7 while Evie and I were making cookies for some new neighbors. The cookies never made it to the neighbors because I could not decide if they were good or not. We all enjoyed cookies and milk before bed.

Tuesday: Everyone slept late! We went to run a few errands after Henry's nap. Evie likes the mannequins at Old Navy just like all the other 3 year old kids in America. I made Bow Tie Fiesta for dinner. Yummy! After I put Henry to bed,I ran to Target, it was so nice perusing the aisles in solitude. Picked up some organizers for my kitchen drawers. Every time, I open my drawers it makes me smile. Carl and I did this novel thing when I came back home. We cut off our screens and went outside to chat. My iPad is fabulous but my husband is more fabulous. It seems screen time has become more of a priority than face time.

Wednesday: Henry woke up at 5:30 so we headed out with the stroller. We went to the park and the library. Evie is still annoyed that has not been issued a library card. She told the librarian that she is three and a half trying so hard to convince her to bend the rules. No luck, librarians tend to be rule followers. We played outside with The C's after nap time. Henry took two naps for over two hours!Evie looks out the window to see if their garage is open and begs me to take her over to see her boys. She even has a new tactic where she tells me that I can play with Miss Courtney.

Thursday: This was a wild and busy day. Henry stayed with a sitter while Evie and I had a date. We met our boys for a movie along with the rest of Williamson county to see Puss and Boots. It was packed with frazzled mothers with wild kids trying to take advantage of a $2 movie that included a snack. We met our boys there along with two other friends. While in line, the older kids in front of me were using a horrible word over and over. I told them to stop because I have turned into that mother! Then, mentioned it to their mom when she got back in line. She blamed it on her son's friend. Evie would not have attended the movie if that word was coming out of her mouth. Ugh, things like that make me want to keep Evie three years old forever. Courtney had saved us some seats and then our other friends got there a bit later since literally hundreds of people were there. I hosted my last monthly social for my MOMS group and am so glad that responsibility is complete! It was an ice-cream social which brought out lots of Mama's. It was crazy at the park with a rehearsal dinner and a camp drop-off going on too. Evie had a chance to play with Molly which delighted her so much. Carl and I had a date night while Courtney baby-sat our kids. Evie had a ball with Courtney. We went to Wild Wing and to look at bikes. Dinner was fun and so good. It's so good to have our favorite wing place open nearby.

Friday: We headed to the pool with our boys and it was swamped with kids from the daycamp. Kids were everywhere but they left relatively quickly. Our groceries were ready so we picked them up and headed home for a quick lunch before nap time. We did a little straightening around the house and then went on a family walk when Carl arrived home. Kids are in bed and we are about to grill some dinner. Happy Friday!


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