Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Schedule

Summertime has always been my favorite part of the year especially while teaching school. Now that I have two kids, my summertime is a lot different but still fun. Evie's school was out in May and it seemed like summer would be here forever. Can't believe it but my calendar is showing July will begin in just a few days. I have a feeling that your calendar probably says the same thing. I read this article about summer right as school was getting out and found it to have some good tips for keeping things fresh. One of my favorite inspirational blogs, Lots of Scotts, provided me with some food for thought this morning. She has a way of making me think about things differently which is always appreciated. I have enjoyed the freedom of five days to fill without the structure of school two days a week.

Evie is social and loves to keep busy. I decided to sign her up for two weeks of "camp" at her school and a few odd days of activities throughout the summer. Part of this was to help me maintain some sanity because too many days at home is a recipe for disaster in our house. Henry still naps twice a day and his morning nap tends to be around two hours. I did not want Evie to sit around twiddling her thumbs while Henry napped so camp seemed like a good option. Surprisingly, the days that we stay home have been some of my favorite because they are not rushed. Everyone naps at their specified time and I am able to accomplish more around the house which helps me feel more in balance.

It's been nice having a more carefree schedule and this is saying a lot coming from someone as scheduled as myself. Lunches can be made at the spur of the moment not packed hours before we eat. Diaper bags can be thrown together as we walk out the house instead of meticiously packed according to the camp packing list. We are able to try new things and find our own adventure.

I'm still trying to figure this motherhood thing out but have decided that a loose schedule fits us best for the summer months. Late bedtimes so we can chase fireflies, afternoons playing with our boys, concerts at our neighborhood park and spontaneous trips for ice-cream all make summer a special time of year. Summertime's calling me!

Summer's filled with breaking the rules, standing apart, ignoring your head, and following your heart. - Anonymous.

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  1. We are figuring out our summer schedule and Sam schedule. Somtimes I think I'm handling it ok, and some days I'm looking for a ladder to jump off the roof! We don't have many activites for Avery around here, but she entertains herself beautifully at home, and throwing in a few trips out, new crafts, etc. has kept everyone happy...so far. Do you have a cleaning day, or do you do certain tasks each day? I'm working on a schedule of certain tasks each day since I don't have help during the summer. I'm sure I'll have it figured out in time to go back to school. I'm trying hard to be more go with the flow, and I pray about it daily. I had just gotten to where I could be flexible about Avery's schedule, then Sam came along!


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