Friday, June 15, 2012

Week in Review

Monday: The Porter's came over for lunch and playtime. We had such a fun visit and so excited about them moving closer to us soon. Carl and I enjoyed a night out for our anniversary. Going out on a Monday makes the week seem really long. Tuesday: Evie went to camp and Henry enjoyed some time with Mommy. I cannot remember what we did but it sure was nice to just have one child for the day. We played outside with our boys. Evie went to bed early since she does not nap away from home. Wednesday: Back to camp for Evie and Henry helped me do a few projects around the house. I went to Moms Night Out at Sol in Franklin. It was delicious. Margaritas, scallops and a messy sundae made for a fabulous night. Thursday: Morning came way too early and I needed a fountain coke by 10 AM. Evie went to camp and Henry stayed home with his sitter while I went to the doctor and for my hair appointment. I had to leave the salon with wet hair so that I'd be on time to pick up my sweet girl. Henry was exhausted when I arrived home and it took me forever to get him to sleep so I was not too thrilled when he took a super short nap. I loaded the kids up for a quick trip to Michael's. There is no such thing as a quick trip to Michael's. Evie and Henry were excellent there is just something about that store that takes a few years off my life. Carl was in Chatanooga so we were in our own. Both kids were in bed and asleep by 7. Henry was up screaming for over an hour. Poor thing was not happy at all! Friday: We met Courtney and her boys at the pool. It was crazy but fun. Campbell and Evie decided to run the opposite direction from the rest of us. I reprimanded Evie and she told me that it was so fun running with Campbell. Oh dear, she gives me a run for my money. We did a grocery pick up, ate lunch and then it was nap time.Henry did not sleep long even after two hours at the pool.He wanted to practice walking instead of wasting time on a nap. I met Carl at the Honda dealership and then we picked up our computer. Power cord for the computer is in our van so hopefully we will be back in business tomorrow. Blogging fromatablet is not easy. By the time we put the kids to sleep, it seemed like way too much work to prepare dinner. Frozen pizza worked just fine. We are looking forward to a weekend without any plans. Happy Friday, y'all!

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  1. I'm tired just reading this!! Crazy days... Christian promptly told Daddy last night that Campbell was bad and didn't listen, ha!! Campbell said the same thing Evie did: "But it was fun!" Oh dear!!!!


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