Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up!

It was a low-key weekend but just what we needed after a super busy week. Too many snow days plus Carl being out of town really put a damper on our week. We all needed to regroup and spend time together as a family.

Friday: Nothing too exciting. I took the kids to story time and then to The Fresh Market to pick up some Valentine dinner steaks. Henry thought we were buying snakes and it took some discussion to get him to understand that we really did not need a snake. Both kids have been asking for stuff all the time. I decided we are going to cut them off from all treats, meals out, new stuff etc. for a week. It's going to be hard but who wants a spoiled brat - not us! I am also looking for ways to teach my kids to be grateful. Let me know if you have any ideas or resources. 

Saturday: Henry had a make-up class for gymnastics. Evie went with Carl to Home Depot. It was freezing cold but they planted a few trees in our yard. While Henry napped, Evie and I played a few games and straightened up the house a bit. We headed to Murfreesboro for a dinner date with the Onello family. It was such a fun night! Evie and Abby play well together and the younger three are doing much better. We had a delicious barbecue dinner and enjoyed catching up with our sweet friends. 

Sunday: Henry woke up way too early this morning. The good news is that we had plenty of time to get ready for early church. I am noticing more and more how tiny Henry is compared to his peers. He is so portable still and loves to be carried around. Sometimes I forget that he will be 3 in July because he is so much smaller than Evie was at this age. I love having a tiny baby! We skipped our after church breakfast - concentrating on being grateful is a big commitment. We came home and had a lesisulrey morning. Evie dressed Henry up like Merida from Brave. He was impressed since it was a blue dress and that is his color.  I made soup for lunch and then Carl took the kids outside for a bit. We were all so excited to see sunshine! After Henry was down for his nap, I ran a few errands - all those "snow" days last week got me a little behind on all of my errands. I had to get my new contacts checked and they dilated my eyes. Ugh, I despise the blurry vision that comes with dilation. Evie was really impressed with my large pupils. The rest of our day was spent preparing for the week ahead. Weekends sure go by quickly. It's always nice to have some time to catch up and slow down before another busy week.  

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