Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lately in Numbers

It's been about 10 days since I have blogged. Life is really good just super busy. Our days fly by so quickly! Here's what has been going on . . .

10 -  Numbers. Henry and Evie are both into numbers. Evie is adding numbers all the way to 10. Henry is counting to 10. We are proud of them both. Evie loves numbers and seems to have a knack for them. Henry likes to do what Evie does so he may be adding soon too. 

9 - Hours of Olympics.  Carl is obsessed with the Olympics and we have watched at least nine hours of Olympic coverage. It's amazing to see the incredible talent and I always love to see the parents reactions. Parents are proud of their kids for lots of things but working hard for years to get the Olympics is quite the accomplishment. 

8 - Readings of Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Henry has a new Jake book and we have read it at least once a day since he picked it out last Monday. I already have it memorized. 

7- Rise and Shine. Henry has been sleeping until about 7 most days! YAY for sleep. There are still days that at least one kiddo sleeps until 8 but Henry tends to be our early riser.  Waking up in the 7 o'clock hour seems much more reasonable than any earlier. 

6 - Single Mama. Carl has been gone for 6 nights over the last few weeks. It's always an adjustment to get used to him being gone. There are pros and cons - many more cons of course. We miss him so much! I do love not cooking dinner and waking up without the alarm clock in the morning. Carl calls us on Tango and the kids love seeing their sweet Daddy on the phone. Evie takes him on tours around the house and keeps him informed with everything that is going on. It's much easier to be on my own now that our children are older.  

5 - Bags of candy on our candy cottage! I decided to let go of my perfectionist tendencies and just let the kids decorate their way. It turned out pretty cute and we had a blast decorating. 

4 - Birthday parties. Glow Galaxy, Pfunky Griddle, My Gym and a special Frozen birthday party with Anna. Four parties in one week is definitely a new record for us. Whew, it was a lot but everyone had fun. Carl took Evie to the Glow Galaxy party so I only had to handle the other three. We are still loving A Simple Stitch shirts for birthday gifts. Everyone is beginning to anticipate their shirt which is fun. Evie loves to see her friends wearing the shirts!

3 - Special Visitors.  My brother, Ben and his girlfriend, Mary Devon came to visit us last week. Evie and Henry love Uncle Ben. Henry calls him "Unc En" and it is adorable. We mostly hung around the house but did go to a puppet show and out to lunch at Local Taco.  Carl's friend, Alex, was in town for work and came over one night too. We had not seen Alex in a long time. It was so much fun to have visitors. Evie especially loves visitors because there are more people to play games with her. 

2 - Sick Kiddos. We are still battling the sickies. Evie had a fever yesterday and Henry woke us up sick last night. Ugh! Spring come soon. 

1- Amazing Husband. Carl helped Evie create her Valentine box for school. It turned out really cute and Evie loves it. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband that is just as comfortable making Valentine boxes as he is kicking the soccer ball.

That sums it up! Hope your week gets off to a terrific start tomorrow. Stay warm!


  1. You have been busy! Love the pictures of Ben and his cute girlfriend! So happy he's happy! I was more than ready for Phillip to return home after his week away for work. We rushed to surprise him at the airport (which we barely made it) and there were 2 minutes worth of sweet adoration for each other before a major toddler meltdown. I hope everyone starts to feel better soon and I love the sweet Valentine box Carl and Evie did!

  2. I hope everyone is feeling better. We are all in need of spring with warmer temperatures and fewer germs. Thank goodness for good daddies. I know I complain but talking to other moms can remind me that mine does a lot more daddy duties than most. Carl did a great job!


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