Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up!

We had a super busy weekend! It was fun but I am glad that we will be back on schedule tomorrow. 

Friday: We went to The Porter's for a play date - so much fun! Kristin made a delicious peanut butter pie for dessert. Can't wait to make that one! After lunch, we headed to run a few errands and then to the park to enjoy the gorgeous day. I decided that it was such a beautiful day that naps were not necessary. Plus, Henry slept super late that morning! Carl grilled steaks for dinner and we called it an early night.

Saturday: Henry woke up super early! We went to Bonnie's birthday at Pump it Up. Evie adores Bonnie and was thrilled to help her celebrate. Evie felt a little left out at first because all the girls knew each other from school. We go to church with Bonnie and there were only three kids that we knew there. It was a wonderful learning experience for Evie as we encouraged her to find another girl that was playing by herself. Evie makes friends everywhere! Carl ended up with strep throat that afternoon but we already had a sitter scheduled. We decided just to grab a quick bite to eat and go to a movie - The Wolf of Wallstreet. Super entertaining movie - lewd but entertaining! 

Sunday: Everyone slept late and we enjoyed  a day at home. Carl planted some more trees and worked in the yard a bit. Evie and I went for a walk and noticed that a house had been rolled. Evie thought they had decorated for a wedding! Carl felt better and his antibiotics were in effect so we headed to our church bonfire. It was such a nice evening - hotdogs, s'mores and fellowship. Both kids loved it and we had a blast! We had a little church service around the bonfire and sang songs. Brought back memories of camp! I am looking forward to Evie going to camp already. Carl and I both loved camp and feel that camp teaches lots of important life lessons. Evie asked me if she could go to camp the other day but she only wants to go for one night and she wants a friend to go with her. Conversations with Evie are always enlightening! 

Hope you had a terrific weekend! Get your week off to a wonderful start. 

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  1. Avery and I went to a birthday party today for a church friend, and though she played with a friend from school the whole time, she said no one talked to her. Not sure I'm ready for friend drama. We have enough girl drama already! So sorry Carl is sick. Y'all have had a time with strep.


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