Monday, March 3, 2014


Time sure does keep ticking! Another week has gone away and here we are again although I have practically nothing to report. 

 It's a snow day in Nashville and we actually have some snow and ice this time. Roads are getting better but we are staying put. I just ordered diapers off Amazon and Carl went to the grocery yesterday for our other essentials. It's only lunch time and we have already made foam dough, painted with straws, painted with milk, painted with brushes, played hide and seek, read books, snacked on doughnuts, watched too much TV and now everyone is resting! 

We have all been a little under the weather - pink eye, strep, colds and fevers.  Just the winter yuck that will hopefully go away this month. I am thrilled that March is finally here! YAY for tulips, longer days, sunshine and spring break - all coming our way.

Since we have all been a little under the weather, not much has been going on. I did get a quick trip to the salon for a cut and color. That always perks me right up. Evie noticed my gray here that morning and asked me if my hair was turning blonde like her. Not quite, my dear! 

We headed out to a Mardi Gras party on Saturday with our small group! It was really fun while it lasted. Amazing jambalaya, a roaring fire outside, delicious appetizers, wine, King cake and of course wonderful friends. One little girl became violently ill during dinner. Poor thing - it did not phase anyone since we are all parents but I felt so bad for the hosts since they were also the parents of the sick one.  Carl and I decided to quickly finish dinner and get the heck out of there. That's what I would have wanted at my house. Henry and I both got sick that night and Sunday but are all better now. 

I am expecting another snow day tomorrow! We have a birthday party on Friday to look forward to and spring break starts next Friday. March always shapes up to be a fun month! 

Happy Monday to everyone! 

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  1. We have a Prime account, but I still haven't ordered diapers and such. It would make so much more sense to do it that way up here! I love the sweet snuggly pictures- those are always my favorite :)


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