Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Break Fun!

We had a super fun and relaxing spring break last week. It always goes faster than expected but the good news is less than 2 months until summer. Spring Break Summary . . .

Nana and Ipop's: We traveled to North Carolina to visit my parents. It was perfect timing because it was my Mom's birthday. Evie loved singing Happy Birthday and eating cupcakes. Carl and I went with my Mom to my grandmothers house to look at some things for us to keep. Evie caught on real fast that if we asked sweetly and mentioned it would her remember Mamaw that she could get lots of stuff. Evie has had a ball playing with the Barbies and tea set that she scored last week. Henry is getting some twin beds and I selected some jewelry. It was a bittersweet time - lots of memories in that house and it always makes me sad to think of my own parents getting older too. On a happier note, we went to the park with Evie's friend Maddie and went to visit some friends. On Sunday, we went to church. Evie chose to stay in the nursery with Henry because it was super fun with lots of cool toys. Uncle Ben and Mary Devyn picked up some cotton candy for an after church treat.

She She and Poppy's: On Sunday, we headed to South Carolina to see Carl's parents. Henry spent most of the visit longing for a boat ride but it was not boat weather. We went for milkshakes which is always a treat. St. Patrick's Day was spent eating traditional fare with Carl's mom's cousin and his wife. That was fun and I was proud of Evie for trying unfamiliar food. It was a very nice visit.

Home Base: We returned to Nashville on Tuesday and spent a few days adjusting. Henry was way off schedule and needed some sleep coaching. We stayed home Wednesday and unpacked a bit. Evie enjoyed an indoor picnic since it was super windy.

Adventure Day: Thursday was a BIG adventure day. I took the kids to Opry Mills Mall and we spent 4 hours there. That's a first! We shopped, went out to lunch at Chuy's, rode the train and carousel, and played at the playspace. After our mall adventure, Henry passed out in the car and we headed to Trader Joe's for some essentials and then played at a nearby park that we adore.

Dentist: Henry had his first dental appointment. Both kids are cavity free! Dr. Ryan did an amazing job and everyone had a terrific experience. Henry watched Evie go first and then he climbed right into the chair and opened wide. Evie went back for her x-rays and Henry was quite concerned about his sister. He kept asking, "where my Evie go?" Henry was relieved when Evie returned!

Zoo: On Saturday, we headed to the Nashville Zoo. Both kids had a blast and Henry said hello to every.single.animal that we came across. Evie's favorite animal was the flamingo exhibit and Henry favored the monkeys. What a fun morning together!

Friends: We enjoyed time together with friends a few times last week too! Impromptu playdates are always fun.  Go Bananas is the newest play spot in town and it was a great place to spend the morning. We had the Onello's over for dinner on Saturday. Evie and Abby are beyond precious together and have so much fun playing together.

Spring Break was a hit! I enjoyed lots of time with my children without a schedule or time table but it's time to get back on track. Sweet Memories with my family!


  1. So many cute pics. They're just adorable. And I used to LOVE indoor picnics so that made me smile. :)

  2. Sounds like a busy but fun spring break! I know you enjoyed spending time with your family! We are headed to the mountains this weekend and it will be the first time Phillip will be back in his home without his mom. Trying to prep us all now for what that will be like!

    So glad you enjoyed your break (and having Carl home for several weeks in a row!)

  3. You were busy during your break! Mine is still weeks away, and I'm hoping to stay in my house most of the time since we will be busy busy up until then. Sam is cutting his two year molars and could use some sleep coaching too. We plan to visit the National Zoo soon and I hope they have some flamingos. Avery likes to stand like them.


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