Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Blogging is always in the back seat these days. I asked Carl the other day how I used to blog every single day. He replied that we only had one kid and he had a normal job that did not involve travel or late nights. Yes, I agree - that has to explain it!  Here's a snapshot of our days lately to help me get back on track.

Lots of life has been going here - just not much photographic evidence. We have been spending hours playing outside in the yard and at the park. I went to read to Evie's class last week for Read Across America week and it was so fun. We had a birthday party for both of her teachers and of course she has been enjoying the regular birthday circuit around here with everyone turning 5 too. 

Carl and I went to Yellow Porch for dinner which is always a treat and enjoyed some time without our children. 

We went out to lunch and to Stones River Battleground on Sunday. I was not expecting the children to enjoy this but they loved the cannons and are still talking about them. Evie asked lots of hard questions about war - yikes! She can really think beyond her years. Let's be honest - she asks me questions that I have never even thought about. Henry was just happy to sit on the cannons and say "boom."


  1. Love love that picture of you and Henry! I agree...blogging takes a backseat when life gets busy. Seems like things never slow down, huh? How's teaching going?

  2. Blogging has been on my back burner too! And I don't have the excuse of two kids or a husband who travels as much as Carl! I'm just exhausted after working all day then family time and chores in the evenings. This just means we are living in the moment and equally as important!

    Miss you dear friend!


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