Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekend Fun!

Hope y'all had a terrific weekend! We sure did enjoy the time together. 

Evie hid in her closet to polish off a cookie so Carl did not see her. 
Friday: Kristin and her kids came over for our monthly lunch and play date. Evie and Anna play well and Henry gets in the way trying to play with Jacob. It's hard to be 2! Henry took a nice long nap after skipping his nap for 3 days due to school and not being tired on Wednesday. He has been sleeping later lately though so it's a trade-off. We had Chinese on Friday night and our kids thoroughly enjoyed trying out chop-sticks and were surprisingly good with them!

Saturday: I headed to out to run some errands in the rain! It was so nice to get out for a bit. Evie and I left after lunch for a Girl's Trip. She wanted shopping and ice-cream. I can handle that! We went to Downtown Franklin and walked around peeking inside the shops. Sweet Ce-Ce's rounded out our afternoon. Evie selected sparkly nail polish and a little bunny at Five Below. Do you have a Five Below? Everything is less than 5 dollars and Evie thought it was so cool. Lots of stuff that is marketed towards the tween group really lures the girls in to shop. I treasure my special times with just my best girl. She's so fun and was thrilled over the smallest things from parking in the parking garage to riding the "everator." We had dinner at a neighbors house - delicious dinner and fun times. We got home super late and everyone went to bed!

Henry loves playing Barbies with Evie. He just goes about playing pool a little differently!
Sunday: Everyone slept late which is always a treat! We headed to a 40th Birthday this afternoon and it was so much fun. They had a grilled cheese food truck and it was AMAZING!! My sandwich was amazing and I will be hunting this food truck down again soon.  Henry and Evie were just happy to hang out with their little buddies. I had a school meeting this afternoon and Carl held down the fort. It was a gorgeous day. I am so excited for the warm, sunny days on the horizon this week!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I am envious over that grilled cheese food truck. Avery and I had a girls' outing today. I hope these girls will always love to do simple things with us.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Never heard of a grilled cheese must tell more about this! Sounds oddly yummy! How are y'all doing with potty training? I'm having zero luck with Aubrey!


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