Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up - Tradition, Santa Search and Lighting the Wreath

Everyone was so excited when Carl arrived home on Friday afternoon. We went out for our 11th annual Japanese steak house Christmas dinner. Our kids barely ate a thing but they had fun. Evie was a bit nervous about the fire at first and Henry was beyond fascinated. He mostly ate raspberries from home. Evie enjoyed her first Shirley Temple.

Saturday: Everyone slept fairly late which is always nice. I made an early morning trip to the grocery store and then we left on an adventure to see Santa. Cheekwood was a madhouse so then we tried Green Hills mall which was a bit worse. Oh well, we will try again another day. We rewarded our efforts with lunch at Chick fil A. Henry took a super long nap and I cannot remember what we did during this time. It's not as much of a break since Evie does not nap anymore. Carl and I left after nap time for our date to celebrate Carl's birthday. We went out dinner and enjoyed some steamed oysters. I had a delicious burger and Carl had salmon. YUMMY! Carl loves James Bond movies so that was his pick. It was entertaining! I was a bit annoyed that the lady in front of me was on her iPad the entire time. Technology is truly out of hand! Caitlin, our babysitter, had broken her leg so her sister babysat for us. Evie was so worried about Caitlin and made her a card. I asked Shannon to walk Evie over to see Caitlin to appease Evie's concerns. Caitlin had a horrible break but she is okay. Evie thought Caitlin could hop over on one foot!

Sunday: Henry woke us all up at 7:30 - thank goodness since we have to leave for church at 8:15. Carl went in Evie's room and found her praying. She was thanking God for her heart, hands and family. So sweet!!! Evie immediately began talking a mile a minute about Caitlin and her leg. I think visiting Caitlin really helped Evie understand all about broken legs. Let's hope that we can avoid broken bones in our family! We made it to church with a little time to spare. Carl and I lit the advent wreath at church this morning. We practiced with Evie yesterday and she surprised us by standing completely still during the lighting. Evie went off to Children's Chapel and the teacher told me that Evie reminds her of a puppy. Not quite sure what that means? Evie chose Krispy Kreme after church and then we scooted home. I made potato soup for lunch, the perfect meal for a dreary day. Henry went down for his nap and I left to go to a Stella and Dot party. Carl was playing outside with the kids when I returned to our house. Evie went with me to receive a flu shot. Our pediatrician has either been out of the flu shots or Evie has been too sick to receive one so Walgreen's filled in for us this afternoon. We had a low-key night in preparation for our busy week ahead.

Hope y'all had a great weekend! It's almost Christmas and the excitement is contagious with our children. Carl and I have had heavy hearts all weekend thinking of the tragedy at Sandy Fork. Tragedy always lends perspective to what is truly important in life. Praying for those families during this painful time.


  1. William has that same smocked Santa shirt, it is one of my faves! Love Henry's Santa longall too!! :) Both Evie and Henry are so cute!!! :)

  2. Love their outfits! They are just too cute! I know I say that everytime but it's true! Merry Christmas friend!


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