Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Fun Day!

A little apprehensive at first! 

Evie did not want any pictures at all! 

Henry exists off carbs these days. 

Life is grand with popcorn and a princess movie! 
We had a really great day today which we were due for after some crazy days. Everyone was happy, rested and well. Even better than that, the sun came out for the first time in days!

Our church met at 10, which was actually nice rather than rushing out the door. Evie seemed to pay more attention and kept "meacing" all day. I finally figured out that she was passing the peace after a little inquisition. Evie is so much fun right now, I love this age filled with curiosity and wonder about everything but also the growing independence.

After church, we ate lunch at City Cafe, Henry and Evie shared a roll and that was the extent of their lunch. Henry and I took a little nap. Being off schedule, has made me exhausted and I am ready to get back into our routine.

Evie received roller skates from Santa so we hit the skating rink for an afternoon date. I showed her pictures of the rink online, told her that it would be loud with lots of people and that she would most defintely fall a lot. Evie does much better with new things when prepared with every possibility. Guess what, Evie loved roller skating! She loved wearing her shiny skates, she loved the blinking lights, she loved the arcade games, she loved being a big kid and most of all she loved the cherry slush. Evie and I had a ball skating all over the place and it will definitely be a fun place to burn off some energy this winter. There was a learning curve but not nearly what I expected. The little skater scooter pictured above helped a little but I think Evie did way better without it. She hunched over it like a walker and could not see where she was going. It seemed to help the bigger kids to increase their speed. Evie took right to skating! I was surprised to see how much the skating rink has not changed in the past twentyish years. Everything is still exactly the same with the addition of a floor guard and a security officer. The same silly songs, the couples dances and even the smell of nachos wafting in the air.

We stopped by the library for new movies and to pick up some books that I had on hold. Evie enjoys going to the library without Henry because we can peruse the stacks at our own pace without our little tornado.

Henry had fun at home with Carl. They went on a run and did a little detective work to figure out who drove in our yard last night. They found the culprit as the tire marks went all the way down the street and into the person's yard. OOPS!

It was such a cold day that we spent the rest of the afternoon munching on popcorn and hanging out together.

Henry's surgery is in the morning. I know that tubes are pretty basic as far as surgery goes but it still makes this Mama a little nervous. Anesthesia adds a whole new element of worry. Henry is going to feel so much better and that is worth the worry. We'd appreciate prayers for our little guy and his ENT, Dr. Mullins. Surgery is at 7:30 Central - 8:30 Eastern and we should be home around 9. I just packed his bag with an extra pair of pj's, a fresh bun bun and a sippy cup. Hope we all sleep tonight and that Henry is not too upset being woken up super early and then having a delayed breakfast.

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