Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up!

Evie with her chocolate ice-cream with cherries. Four cherries because she is almost 4.

Henry without impetigo!

It was a warm, rainy weekend in Nashville. So hard to get in the Christmas spirit while wearing short sleeves. Our weekend was super low-key and spent mostly at home recuperating from our crazy week. We were supposed to attend a birthday party on Saturday but sent our regrets because it seemed like downtime was needed more than entertainment.
Saturday: Henry and I went to pick up his medicine early that morning and went through the drive-thru seven times before receiving the two prescriptions. I literally almost lost it and may have called Carl in tears of frustration. Henry was sleeping the entire time so he missed out on the adventure. Every single problem that could occur, happened and more than once - insurance card problems, medications unavailable, etc. I was so happy when the lead pharmacist was able to resolve the problem by substiuting one of the medications. Henry and I went inside the drug store after he woke up and then he received all kinds of sympathy. Poor thing looked pretty sad with his impetigo. Evie and I wrapped presents after our morning adventure. Carl and Henry babyproofed a bit more since Henry gets into way more than Evie did at his age. Mostly because he is not supervised nearly as well as Evie plus there are a lot more tiny pieces since we have a preschooler too. Carl and I are over the scavenger hunts for every item since Henry relocates our toothbrushes, deodorant etc. to other areas of the house. Henry went down for another nap and Evie watched a movie with me. Carl rode out to the country to look at a new truck. He was thrilled to find one and bought it yesterday without me which thrilled me beyond measure. Trucks are like eggs - they are cheaper in the country. Carl heard that on a commercial when he was a kid. Those advertising dollars so many years ago were well worth it. Carl finally got home with his new truck and we all went for a ride around the block in it. Henry and Evie are fascinated by all the lights so this was an extra special treat for all of us. We had planned to grill chicken for dinner but between the rain, being exhausted and Carl so excited about his new truck - it seemed like the perfect night for thai.

Sunday: Henry was still contagious this morning so we skipped church and returned some paperwork to the dealership while they were closed. We witnessed a pretty bad wreck while coming home and thankfully we were not impaceted. The woman in front of us spun out, crossed all the way across the interstate and into the guardrail. It was not safe for to get out so Carl called 911. Praying the woman was okay because it must have been so scary. Evie has been concerned about the woman all day.

Impetigo causes irritability. Henry has been more than irritable for most of the day. Crying and screaming similar to his cries when he suffered from reflux. We tried everything with our little buddy even a mint since he likes those so much. I took Henry upstairs and rocked him until he fell asleep. He and I both took a little snooze in the glider. Carl took Henry running after his nap since he was in much better spirits. Evie and I went on a girls trip while Henry napped again. Evie picked out a present for her brother for Christmas, then we went for ice-cream and checked out the Dickens of a Christmas festival in Franklin. Carl decorated the outside with the kids while I washed everything  in hot water again. We managed to complete the lighting of our advent wreath while we were all in the same room unlike last week. Although, two of us did not have on a shirt. I was fully clothed so it's your guess which two of us were without a shirt. Evie is really enjoying opening a present each night along with the chocolate on her Advent calendar. Just for the record, Evie is very sad that Carl has a new truck and is quite concerned about his old truck.

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  1. I have been thinking about you this weekend. What a time you've had! I am so glad everyone seems to be on the mend. I had to laugh about buying the truck in the country. We are very rural here and buy locally so hopefully we're getting good deals. Ned recently bought a new truck, making him quite happy too. I was simply happy that the new one would drive a little better when I was behind the wheel. Hoping you have a calm, germ-free week!


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