Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Henry is 17 Months

(I'll post pictures on your real 17 month birthday. You are still 16 months when I am writing this post."

Dear Sweet Henry,

   You have really changed a lot in the last few weeks. Baby Henry is gone and Little Boy Henry has arrived. You understand everything we say and want to do everything just like Evie. Every morning, I ask you where Elfa is and you walk around the house until you find him. You point with excitement at every single Christmas tree. Christmas is going to be fun with you this year. Evie has even asked you to request a few things for her since she does not want to visit with Santa.

You are still a tiny little guy. Some of your pants fall right down to your ankles even though they are only size 12 month. You tend to fit into larger sizes for shirts or longalls but pants seem either too long or short depending on the brand.

You love mints such as Andes or Junior Mints and get so mad when I do not oblige in your desire of mints for breakfast. We go through this every single morning. You cry and cry for your mint and then finally settle down for a bowl of cereal or a muffin. Evie did not discover mints at your age so this is all new to me.

Bedtime is about 7 and most days you sleep until about 7 the next morning. Your naps are getting a little longer! Most days, you sleep about two hours in the afternoon and if sister is not home, you will sleep even longer. Bun Bun and blanky are your constant companions in the crib. You like to sleep on your belly with your tiny bottom in the air.

You like to push the grocery cart and even load it up with stuffed animals now instead of pantry items. You push the doll stroller all over the house and love the ball pounder. Trucks are really beginning to interest you from the toy box and out on the roads too. It's fun to observe you playing with your cars. You know exactly how it all works.

You talk more and more every day. You say, "what's that" all day long. You have said "Santa" a few times too. Nana was thrilled when you called her Nana over Thanksgiving.

You are a busy little guy getting into everything! In the past few days, you have pulled the bell off your stocking, the eyeball off your longall, poured a container of sprinkles onto the kitchen table, decorated and undecorated the Christmas tree, tasted the Baby Jesus and set the alarm to go off in Evie's room for midnight. Your teacher told me that when God gave me you that He did not want me to be bored. Trust me, we are not bored at all! Everyone that takes care of you comments on how smart and busy you are. Your separation anxiety has vanished. School is one of your favorite places and you like the YPlay while sister dances and swims and Mommy works out. You let the church nursery workers know exactly what you want with a simple grunt. Your sweet face plus a few grunts equals a bowl full of goldfish. You even stayed in Costco with our cart while I retrieved the car. Mr. Stan took care of you and said you were happy as a clam waving at everyone. Mommy always chooses rainy days to go to Costco.

You love to cuddle, hold hands and give kisses. You are biting a lot too. OUCH! It's hard to get mad at your cute face but those bites really hurt since you have an entire mouthful of teeth. You bite out of frustration and even bit the chair the other day when it slipped out of your reach.

Playing outside is your favorite activity along with turning off the television. You love books and making music too.

We adore love having you in our family. It seems like you have always been here! Mommy always wanted a baby girl but you have stolen my heart. There is something special about little boys and their Mama. You are the sweetest little boy and make us so happy. God knew that we needed a baby boy to make our family complete. You are such a blessing and we are so thankful for you!

Love Always,

Mommy and Daddy

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  1. What a fun age! I'm know it's busy too. Had to laugh at the bored comment...I think Sam will be keeping us on our toes too. I love that your kids are just ahead of mine and get me so excited about all the fun to come.

    Not sure what happened to my last comment, but Jo-Ann Fabric had felt that could be measured and cut.


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