Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Week


We hope you had a wonderful Christmas filled with His presence and memories with your family. It was a special week at our house although different than ever imagined. Henry was sick all week and completely out of sorts. Then, Carl was sick too. Evie and I managed to escape the germs.

Our camera decided to stop working on Christmas Eve of all days! Thank goodness for a point and shoot along with my iPhone. I think the iPhone captured better quality images than my point and shoot.

Evie and Henry were so excited on Christmas Eve about Santa coming. We had a relaxing day at home and then church late that afternoon. It was a beautiful service and the church was gorgeous with red roses and greenery. It was completely packed so we took up residence on a few folding chairs in the back. Evie sat on the floor and played with her dolls and books. Christmas Eve service is my favorite service of the entire year especially the music and the anticipation of Christmas day.

Evie and Henry barely stopped long enough for pictures in their new PJ's. We set out the reindeer food, cookies for Santa and said goodbye to Elfa. Evie and Henry both went right to sleep.

Carl and I loved being greeted bright and early by Evie on Christmas morning. The first thing we heard about 6:45 was Evie's sweet voice saying, "Is it present time yet?" Henry slept right through the festivities which was a big clue that he was feeling really badly. Evie was thrilled to see a dollhouse, table and chairs, roller skates and a pink scooter waiting for her under the tree. Carl checked on Henry and he woke up shortly after. We were beginning to worry about our little guy. Henry was excited to see a tractor, a chair, wheelbarrow and mailbox waiting for him. Evie wasted no time tearing through the presents. She did look out the window and thanked Santa Claus. Carl and I had a blast watching Evie experience the magic of Christmas.

We ate a yummy breakfast of casserole and cinnamon rolls before giving Carl his birthday gift. He has wanted a charcoal grill for quite some time so he finally got one.

Carl was feeling horrible so he hung out on the couch with Evie while Henry napped and I cleaned up a bit. SheShe and Poppy arrived later that afternoon. Evie was excited to see them and to open more presents.We spent most of the day watching the kids play and snacking a bit. I promise that SheShe and Poppy were really here but neither of us captured them on camera. Hopefully, I can get my camera working again soon! Canon Rebel, I miss you so much.

Evie and Henry helped Carl to celebrate his birthday with the ugliest cake that I have ever made.  Evie and Henry went to bed and then we prepared a birthday dinner for Carl. After all the preparations, Carl was unable to eat his dinner and went to bed early himself. He was very sad to let that yummy steak go to waste.

Henry's ear was getting worse so I took him back to the doctor who recommended that we take Henry to an ENT. He did switch antibiotics and offered a few more tips for helping to ease the pain and stop some of the drainage. Carl and his Dad went to pick up dinner at Local Taco for us and then we enjoyed some time together that night. Thankfully, Carl was feeling better!

Everyone was a bit stir crazy by Thursday. We decided to venture out to Inside Out Play Park. It was not too crowded when we arrived but quickly filled up with lots of kiddos with excess energy. Henry and Evie had a blast. We went to lunch at Noshville and then picked up some cupcakes at Gigi's next door. It was so nice to get out for a bit.

Carl and his dad took Evie to the mall and came back home quickly. We had some turkey chili for dinner that was pretty yummy and then Carl went to see a movie with his dad. SheShe helped clean up the excess toys and I put the kids to bed. Evie was tired but not staying in her bed.

Carl's parents left early the next morning and I took Henry to the ENT. Dr. Mullins told me that Henry's ears were really bad and that he needed tubes on Monday. I am nervous about the surgery but know that he will feel so much better.

We have spent most of the weekly cuddling Evie and Henry in our pj's and that's a gift - time with our family!

Christmas was different than we had anticipated but we were thankful to celebrate the holiday together.


  1. I'm so sorry about all the sickness! We definitely know how it feels to have a different Christmas. It still looks and sounds like lots of fun though. I'll be praying for all of you through Monday. It will seem so quick and easy once it's over. It made me feel better when our ENT told us that adults get tubes right in the office with no sedation or medication. It must be pretty easy and painless then.

  2. So sorry to hear about Henry's ears! I hope the surgery goes well... I would be a nervous wreck!

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the holidays!


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