Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lately . . .

It's so hard to keep up with a blog now that Instagram is so much easier!

For posterity, this is what we have been up to lately.

Outdoor Fun: We love spring in TN. Every day, we spend tons of time outside. Both kids are loving scooter and bike rides plus visiting our favorite parks. 

Swimming Lessons: Henry is finishing up his third month of swimming lessons. He is doing great and we have met our goals. I am sure he will continue to improve over the summer and than we will begin in January. 

Birthday parties: I love birthday parties because now they are drop-off parties. Evie had two parties in the last week. One was a horseback riding party and the other was a bouncy house costume party. Both were super fun for her and I love having a few hours to run errands. Blurry pic but still so cute.

Learning to Dive: Evie is working on her diving skills and improves each week. 

Watching the Master's: We spent most of the weekend watching the Master's. I always cry at the end. It is so amazing to see someone reach their goal after lots of handwork and determination.

Wedding at Cana: It was a super fun night at church. We each brought an appetizer and had a contest. It was a fundraiser to bring water to those without.  I got to hold this sweet little nugget! No pictures but it was a night worth remembering.

Sneak a Peek: Evie had a ball being the big kid at Sneak a Peek. Cannot believe my sweet girl is heading to first grade soon. 

Charleston Cousins: Carl's cousin Courtney visited us with her girls last week. Henry and Evie thought this was spectacular! Mary is interested in Vanderbilt and wanted to check out the school. We would love to have Mary here for college. It was a terrific visit!

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