Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

We had such a nice weekend! Busy but nice!

Friday: I picked Evie and two of her friends up from school brought them back to my house to change into bathing suits and then back out the door for a pool party.  It was fun to be with the girls because they were so excited. Henry and one of the little girls that I took to the party were afraid of the dog. At one point, I had Henry on one hip and Molly on the other - I carried Molly over and deposited her into the pool.  Evie and her friends are excellent swimmers but pool parties are still a bit nerve racking. I had to hold Henry the entire time since he was scared of a poodle while trying to keep an eye on the girls! Then, once another mom I knew arrived Henry and I came home. We had some nice time together while Evie was at the party. Henry helped Carl to mow the grass! We were all happy when Evie got back. Evie has become quite the social butterfly.

Saturday: We had a lazy morning at home which is always a treat. Henry had a birthday party so we dropped him off and took Evie out to lunch. She chose McAllister's Deli because she thinks it is so fancy. After lunch, we went to a park for Evie to play for a bit. I think she was ready to see Henry before long. Henry had a terrific time at Arthur's birthday and was excited to tell us all about it. He thinks he is such a BIG kid with drop-off birthday parties. Both kids played in the sprinkler that afternoon and then Evie went on a walk with me. Carl grilled out some dinner and it was a nice night.

Sunday: Henry woke up first and wished me a Happy Mother's Day. He made me the sweetest little box with a note about his favorite thing to do with me - make cookies! Evie made me a book that was so cute. Both gifts will be treasured for many years to come. We went to church and Evie selected the second row as the best seat for us. YIKES! It was fine because it was Youth Sunday so the service moved at a faster pace. Henry sang "Happy Trails" during the hymn and asked me why the people up front get to talk but not anyone else. One of our friends had to get a service dog for their little girl because she was having seizures. Evie thought that was so hysterical to see a dog in church. Henry did not notice - thank goodness because he is not a fan of dogs at all! After church, we enjoyed a delicious brunch courtesy of the Men's Club. Evie and Henry really put away the cream puffs and bacon. I came home and took a nap - the  best gift ever! Then, we took a family hike. It was short because the regular trail has a lot of ticks right now. We headed to Local Taco for a late lunch. That's always a hit with our family. Next, we drove to 12 South for popsicles at Las Paletas and playtime at the park. It was a fabulous afternoon! Carl might have sneaked a little golf viewing and then we hung out with our sweet neighbors that are moving to Kentucky. I am still in denial that they are moving! It was a perfect Mother's Day! I feel so fortunate to have two healthy, happy children and that makes every day special. 

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