Sunday, September 8, 2013


It's been a busy few days! I keep waiting for life to slow down but it looks like this may be our new normal.

Evie is loving four days a week of school but it is exhausting to get up and out of the house four mornings a week. It's great practice for Kindergarten! Speaking of kindergarten, I went to a Kindergarten Meeting at her school last week and got a little teary. It just seems impossible that Evie will be in kindergarten next year! I know she is going to love it and will do just fine. Evie is a teacher-pleaser and catches on quickly - two elements that will help her to succeed in the classroom.

Henry is adjusting to days of school. He is still not sure he likes it at drop-off but is fine within moments. He says, "No, teacher Bell" as we walk in the school but seems ready to learn once he gets inside the classroom. He is one of the youngest in his class and one of three that are not potty trained. Teacher Bell is ready to get them all potty trained but I am not convinced. My experience is that most two year olds that are potty trained really have trained Mama's. I am not interested in going to the bathroom all over town while he experiments with this. Evie learned in less than a week with only two or three accidents - that's my plan for Henry too. Not to mention, I am not ready to stop dressing him in the jon-jons and longalls. If Henry decides, he is ready then we will start helping him at home!

My job is going well! It's a dream job for sure with only a few hiccups. Most of the hiccups are from the transition to 4th grade - the tutorial has only accepted Middle and High School students until this year. It's bit of a learning curve to get parents, students and instructors on the same page but I love being back in the classroom!

I had a room parent meeting on Friday at preschool. There were at least 50 parents there. Oh my goodness! It was chaos with that many parents and kiddos. I am excited to help out in Evie's classroom this year. 

We have had a low-key weekend. Carl and I had a date night on Friday. It's always so fun to spend time with my main squeeze. Evie and I went out for some girl time on Saturday while the boys watched football. We had a great time together and accomplished so much - birthday party, grocery store, eyebrow wax and shoe shopping. I love my time with Evie! 

Carl had a work event today which made for a super long Sunday! I should have taken the kids to church but it seemed overwhelming so we just walked to the park. Molly came over to play with Evie this afternoon and then we all went to the library. Three kids in a library is no joke. I am pretty sure that two kids is plenty for me! 

Hope everyone had a terrific weekend and that your week gets off to a wonderful start tomorrow.

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  1. Glad everyone is doing well. What are Evie's hours at school? Avery rests but will not sleep, so she is fragile in the evenings. I'm hoping the adjustment period ends soon. I'm with you on two kids being plenty.


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