Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day!

We spent the weekend with Carl's parents at Lake Keowee in South Carolina. It was a long drive - a drive that seems to get longer instead of shorter over the years. Our kids are terrific travelers, really terrific travelers but 7 hours in a car is hard.

We were all thrilled to arrive to see She She and Poppy! They prepared us a delicious Ina Garten meal and we just enjoyed watching the children run around like hooligans.

Saturday, we took a boat ride to the pool! Evie and Henry had a ball swimming. It's the perfect pool for kids!

Henry slept for 13 hours and barely woke up for church. He finally stirred at 9:20 so I grabbed his sweet little self and threw in into his clothes for church. Henry made it all of five minutes in church and off we went to the playground. Nurseries are valuable ministries! I think that I may just hug the nursery workers neck this Sunday for saving me from sitting through a church service with a two year old.  After naps, we took a quick and I mean quick trip to a waterfall. Evie loves a hike and it was sweet to see her attempt to take care of Henry on the hike. It was beautiful for the five minutes that we there and then we raced back for our reservation. I am still not used to those curvy roads and it about turns my stomach upside down to traverse the mountainous roads.  We made it for dinner and had a wonderful time enjoying the yummy food. Henry and Evie made friends and had a ball playing. We waited for darkness to fall and then the most spectacular fireworks were the highlight of the night. Henry kept saying, "wow" and Evie was perfectly content to sit back a bit and asked me 2.4 million questions about the logistics of fireworks. Evie is considering a career in "firework productions" so it is important for her to figure all this out. You know the important stuff like where does the firework go after it goes away, how does it get so high, why are they in the shapes of flowers, is it littering when the pieces fall? Everyone crashed after that fun night with Poppy and She She.

We packed up the car and left early on Monday. It took us forever to get back and we only stopped twice - traffic on Labor Day is no joke! It's always fun to spend the weekend away - it's the coming back that is not so fun. Laundry, grocery runs, getting everyone back on track. It's been a doozie of  day and we are traveling to the Carolina's again in less than two weeks. 

Thanks Poppy and She She for a super fun weekend!

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  1. Looks like a beautiful place to retreat! Car rides seem to get longer for us as well, now that Davis sleeps less in his seat. Hope you've settled back in. Are you headed to your parents this month? We'll be headed that way at the end of the month.


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