Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday!

I'm back! Blogging has taken a back seat lately but I sure miss putting my thoughts into words. Here you go - a super quick Friday Five!

Playdates: We have had several play dates this week! It's always fun to get together with other kiddos and their Mama's. I met up with a friend from college and her precious two kids this week at a new park in Nashville. She was in town visiting her sister and it was so fun to catch up plus find a new park. Evie had a friend come over on Wednesday and they immediately stripped down and started playing dress up. Guess who joined right in the fun? Henry was ready in his rainbow fairy outfit.

A Simple Stitch: Courtney introduced me to this amazing site. LOVE these shirts and they are a great price point. I just ordered a bunch for birthday presents. Don't be surprised if you get one from me! Check out Katie's precious shirts. These are good for older kiddos too. Henry is dying to wear his pumpkin shirt already. Check out her page on Monday's for amazing deals.

Henry and Evie: I am still in awe but Henry and Evie are beyond infatuated with each other. It's been an entire week without any craziness and they are just loving each other so much. It does thrill my Mama heart. Henry's second word out of his mouth when I pick him up is Sister. At least, he still says Mama first!

My Job: I am really enjoying my job! It feels terrific to be back in the classroom. Although, part time is more than enough for me. I teach two classes on Tuesday and Thursday: 4th Grade Lit and 6th Grade Comp. It's super fun to be a teacher with all the amazing Pinterest ideas. Wow, technology has really changed since I resigned in 2009 to be a Mommy. Parents email a lot more now that they have smart phones and kids are super technology savvy. Yesterday, one of my 6th graders emailed me which really cracked me up.

Labor Day Weekend Plans: We are off to South Carolina to visit Carl's parents. Evie and Henry are excited to see their grandparents. We are looking forward to a fun weekend on the lake with our new swimmer!


  1. Welcome back! So glad to hear it was a good week at school and between the kiddos! Evie looks so much like Beverly in that first picture...they share their smile! Safe travels for the holiday weekend!

  2. Ok I LOVE Henry dressed up as a princess!! Too precious! I LOVE a Simple Stitch too!!! I have ordered two shirts for W in the past couple weeks. They are such a great price and I love the quality!!


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