Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Life with Two Kids - 2 years later!

It's always fun to look back at my posts on life with two kids. Life has definitely become easier since my last post at 18 months. Evie has grown up so much and Henry is talking which helps out a lot!

Going Places: Evie puts her own shoes on and usually helps Henry with his shoes. She buckles herself in the car and will buckle Henry too if she can wrangle him. Same story, when we get home, she unbuckles and puts shoes away. Both kids are relatively easy in public. Evie does best when we are meeting friends or there is a possibility to make a new friend. Henry is mostly content to run around a bit and eat snacks with an occasional check-in visit with Mama. It's thrilling that I can finish conversations, check my email or jot down a quick note without losing my kids!

School: Evie and Henry both adore school but Henry gets upset if he sees sister at school. He cries a lot and wants her. This gets Evie upset and the teachers tell me that Evie takes her role as sister very seriously. She walks him in and out of the school by the hand and keeps up with his stuff.

Sleep: Evie has completely given up her nap and Henry is finally napping 2-2.5 hours at a time. Rest time was enforced during the summer months for sanity sake. Evie is at school four days a week so my house is cleaner and quieter. Both kiddos go to bed about 7 and they are ready for bed. They sleep until 7 or 8 which is nice. I wake up before them to get ready for the day, drink coffee and have my quiet time.

Playing: Evie and Henry are playing really well together and create some imaginative scenarios to act out with each other. Henry is always game for Evie's grand ideas except when he is not and then the screaming is awful. I was not prepared for the amount of screaming and fighting that takes place in this house. Occasionally, I worry that they fight too much and then another mom shares her sibling rivalry issues - that always makes me feel better.

Two kids thirty months apart is an undertaking but we are so thankful to have the chance to experience this crazy, chaotic life with our two children. Every day is has good parts, hard parts and parts that we wish would just evaporate.

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  1. oh, how i can relate! :)
    and the screaming? oh. my. word. it is out of control at our house. often times my girls are just screaming trying to "one up" the other and they honestly have no idea what they're even screaming about in the first place. and yet, we've just added a complete different kind of "Screamer" to the bunch. i am a glutton for punishment. -ha! :)


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