Saturday, August 10, 2013

Meeting the Teacher!

Evie and Henry were so excited to meet their teacher on Thursday night! Both of them have such kind, outgoing teachers that are thrilled to be in the classroom. That makes me so happy! Henry had already met his teacher at his one on one visit but Thursday was a chance to play in the classroom with his friends. Evie thinks she is such a big girl since she is going to school 4 days this year. PreK is going to be a blast for her.  She spotted some familiar faces which always makes things easier starting a new school. I am just thrilled to have them both in the same school for one year.


  1. i canNOT even believe how grown evie is looking these days! our babies our growing up TOO fast!! :(

  2. They both look so precious! Hoping for no calls from school this week!

  3. They are just too adorable! Evie looks so grown up, can't believe she is in K4 already!!!


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