Sunday, August 18, 2013


It's almost been a week since I posted - time sure passes quickly! Evie and Henry had a terrific first week at school. Both of them adore their teachers and are having fun learning new things. My first week back went well too - it's the best teaching job ever because it is only 5 hours per week. My students are bright and full of personality. It feels terrific to be back in the classroom.

My parents came on Thursday to visit for a long weekend. We had a nice time just hanging around the house. Carl was out of town until Friday but was happy to see everyone when he arrived. Evie and Henry had a ball playing with Ipop and Nana all weekend. 

We went to the library, the farmer's market, the Parthenon and played outside a ton. It was such a nice weekend. 

Some friends had us over for brunch this morning - that was fun and delicious. Not much better than a mimosa and bananas foster for dessert. 

Evie and I went to take dinner to a friend with a new baby this afternoon.  It was Evie's first time to hold a baby and she was in heaven! So sweet to see how much Evie loved the baby. 

Evie has been working hard to fill up her kindness jar. It has taken about a month of kind deeds but she finally made it. She selected a new baby doll as her reward and has already started filling up another jar. It works like a charm - time out does not do a thing at my house and I have found that spanking just creates more physical interaction between Henry and Evie. The kindness jar is just her ticket - positive reinforcement works best!

Carl took Henry on a jog and Henry fell asleep. Poor little guy was exhausted from our busy schedule.

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. I'm not sure that time outs are working here either. Sam usually stands in front of her and tries to talk. Maybe we will try the jar too. Our biggest issue is quiet rest time, and I have found no remedy for that other than moving her to the guest bedroom. Henry looks so big!

  2. Thankful your first week of teaching went well. Here's to another good week in the classroom starting tomorrow! And I know you enjoyed your visit with your parents! I'll have to keep the Kindness Jar in the back of my mind as Davis gets older. We've only just started time outs with him so I don't think it's had a chance to wear on him yet.


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