Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Red Letter Day: Fire Station and Meeting Ms. Bell

We had a busy morning with a trip to our local fire station and an individual visit with Henry's new teacher, Ms. Bell.

Henry was so excited to see the fire trucks and climbed right on in like it was his job. I had to laugh because I remember taking Evie on this same exact tour and she spent the entire time on my hip. Henry does have Evie holding his hand and leading him around like a Mother Duck. 

It's always fun to learn about firefighters and how they keep us safe. I was surprised to learn that they take turns making dinner and the bad cooks have to keep practicing. On the menu for them tonight, was Zatarin's gumbo and corn muffins. Henry climbed up to the bar ready to indulge with the firefighters. 

The best part for both kids was getting the hat! It's always fun spending the morning with friends.

After the fire station tour, we headed across the street to Henry's school to meet his teacher. It was love at first sight. Henry was impressed with the classroom and the hermit crab. He kept calling it a snake. Ms. Bell seems like a delightful teacher and I know Henry will learn so much this year. Can't believe that my baby boy is ready for the 2 year old class.


  1. That's such a fun day for Henry and friends!

  2. What fun! I've wanted to take Davis up to our neighborhood fire department but don't know if they prefer to schedule something (emergency pending) vs. a drop-in while they are outside detailing the trucks. Too funny about the bad cooks. I suppose practice makes perfect...or at least edible.

  3. cute, cute! love the fire station visits. i run by our local fire station and i'm dying for the day james realizes it, shouts from the stroller and wants to stop and see :)


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