Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fair Fun!

We love a good county fair! Evie has been counting down the days until the fair comes "to our town." Yesterday, was the day! We had a blast riding rides, checking out exhibits and eating yummy food. Henry was a little short for some of the rides but he still managed to ride a handful of rides.

Henry loved the tractor and the cows! Evie was all about the rides and cotton candy. She was so excited to ride the "roundy thing" with her Daddy. That's the Ferris Wheel. Evie told me that she could see all the way to Africa from the top.  It's hard to believe this was Evie's 5th year at the fair. Time passes so quickly!


  1. Evie is a brave girl to ride the Ferris wheel! I think I have only white-knuckled it once. We have a county fair next week and I am overly excited about the food. Your rides looks really fancy. Sometimes ours are sketchy.

  2. Oh my goodness is that bow the sweetest on Evie!!!

  3. Oh my goodness.... That hair bow is so precious on Evie! Adorable!


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