Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Henry and Mama's First Day!

Henry and I both had our first day of school today! I am happy to report that we both had wonderful days. Henry walked right in to see Teacher Bell and was happy as a clam to be at school. Bell sent me a text with a picture of Henry having a blast at school which made me so happy! 

I am teaching a few hours a week at a home school tutorial. It's been a wonderful experience and just what this Mama needed to get out of the house. I have two classes, Literature 4 and Comp. 6 with 9 students in the class. The students were handpicked to attend and they are all bright, sweet children. I am excited to be back in the classroom and think this is the perfect way to have the best of both worlds.

My day went super fast and it was time to pick up my sweet little kiddos. Henry gave me a warm welcome and came flying across the room to leap into my arms. He is such a cuddle bug! Evie was in the middle of "Bathroom Partners" which just means the teacher brings two kids in at a time to go to the bathroom from the playground. She was excited to see me too!

Everyone was exhausted after a busy day! We watched a show, played outside, had a carpet picnic, some books and it was off to bed. Henry does not nap at his school - they just have a quiet rest time for about 15 minutes but he was fine. Ready for bed at 6:30 but content all afternoon. Evie is exhausted after only two days of school. Sister is going to be pooped by Thursday after 4 days of 9-2:30. 


  1. Oh yay! I'm so glad you had a great first day. It's exciting to be in the classroom AND at home with your kiddos. I hope we get to hear about your job :)

    And Henry looks so grown here!!! Adorable.

  2. So glad you both had great days! I know you will do a wonderful job, and so will Henry. That is such a neat experience for a job. I hope you have some time between the end of your day and the end of Henry's.

  3. Glad everyone is enjoying their school experience. I start back to school on Monday.

  4. Thought of you all day Tuesday just hoping your day was going well and you had a classroom full of good students! So happy to see it was a good day for everyone!!


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