Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Evie and Henry loved Easter celebrations this year. They loved it so much that we have had multiple celebrations! Egg hunts were a hit and it was fun to see Henry progress. His first egg hunt of the season, he only picked up blue eggs and immediately ate the candy. Then, he decided to help his friends pick out eggs. By the third egg hunt, he had it mastered and went to town picking up eggs. He had quite the collection in his bucket!

My parents came to visit for Easter which was nice. They have never been to Nashville for Easter. We had a low-key weekend venturing out for an Easter story at a local church and for a car show. Mostly, just hung out around the house playing outside, dying eggs and eating way too much!

Evie and Henry looked adorable in their outfits. Easter clothes are my favorite - it's so nice to wear the pastel colors after an entire winter of dreary , heavy clothes. Evie and Henry posed for lots of pictures. I got quite a few- they do their best when it is just me. Too much going on and they are not interested in posing. Evie is super photogenic - Henry has a hard time stopping what he is doing just to take a picture. Sweet Easter Babies!


  1. Henry's face in the last picture is priceless! I love Easter outfits too. A friend who moved to FL asked if it was warm enough in VA for my kids' outfits. We would have worn those Easter clothes with snow on the ground though.

  2. They are so cute! I love the kissing picture. And I'm so ready to wear pastels and pretty things! Today was slightly warm- finally!


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