Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Program!

Our preschool hosted a super fun spring program a few weeks back. It was adorable to see those little bodies rocking to Michael Jackson. Ms. Catie is a BIG believer in teaching the kids to honor the differences in people and to make the change to love everyone. Carl and I loved the program. Our kids need lots of exposure to diversity because there is not much in our town. I am so thankful for a teacher that uses music to teach our children!

Henry sang "You are my Sunshine" - the Koala class is not quite ready for Man in the Mirror. He saw me after his performance and did not make it back to the classroom for a class picture. Oh well, there will be more time for that later on!

Evie's next performance will be as a Kindergartener. WOW! Time sure flies when you are having fun.

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