Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lately . . .

It's been almost two weeks since I blogged! YIKES! I used to always wonder why my favorite bloggers did not blog as much once their children were older. Now, I get it - older kids means more activities, nap time is practically nonexistent and bedtime is later. We are on the move all the time between swimming, dance lessons, preschool and play dates. 

I'll just recap the past weekend and then try to get back on track in the next few days.

Friday - Evie had some friends over and it was super fun yet crazy. Now, that Evie is 5 - play dates are easier in lots of ways because they entertain themselves and know how to share. It's harder because they are bigger, louder and eat more. I had a great time chatting with Rachel - Evie's friend Sloan's mom. Evie is going to miss her Giraffe friends next year. That afternoon, we walked to the park and had a ball. It's nice not being stuck at home for naps every day. Henry naps about once or twice a week. Playtime at the park on a beautiful spring day beats nap time any day. 

Saturday - We went to the Farmer's Market for doughnuts but the doughnut man was not there. He was getting married! Evie was excited to see her friend Bonnie from church and decided that an icee would be a good substitute for a doughnut. Henry was not really a fan of the icee but he devoured his popcorn in two minutes flat. It was a gorgeous day to be outside! We headed out to a Cinco de Mayo party. WOW - we had such a fantastic time. It was the perfect night filled with delicious food and drinks plus lots of friends. Any excuse for a party!

Sunday - Everyone slept late after our fun night out. Evie asked if we could go to the zoo with our "pass." Sure, we can go to the zoo! It was another gorgeous day - perfect for walking around the zoo and soaking up sunshine. We decided to check out the dinosaur exhibit. Henry was not a fan. He kept saying that the dinosaurs were mad. All that roaring made him nervous. Evie kept reassuring Henry that it was "atend" - her version of pretend. Henry kept it together but it was not his favorite exhibit. He was ready to move on to the train. A two-minute train ride made his day so special.  We came home after the zoo for more outdoor playtime. Evie and Henry played with Campbell and Christian in the creek. Everyone was covered in mud but so happy. Henry told me that he was going to move in with the boys. Evie immediately tried convincing him to stay with us. Sweet Boy decided that he would continue living with us. He might change his mind again soon! 

It was a super fun weekend - perfect mix of fun with friends and time as a family!

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  1. Looks like ya'll have been having lots of fun! Evie and Henry are just as cute as can be! We have a zoo pass too, our mom always gives us one for Christmas and it is one of our favorite gifts!


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