Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sneak a Peek!

I am terribly behind on my blog! Hoping for a nice, slow summer (got that from Blue Eyed Bride) to catch up on everything that has not been done all year.

Several weeks ago, Evie had her Sneak a Peek for Kindergarten! My little Evie was thrilled to go check out the school. We walked in the cafeteria and immediately saw Jake and Austin from preschool. That thrilled Evie's little heart and made her much more comfortable. Eight children from her preschool are heading to the same elementary school but Evie is the only girl! It's a good thing Evie enjoys playing with boys too!

I cannot believe that my Baby Girl is heading to kindergarten but am confident that she will love school!

The kindergarten teachers took the children off to visit the classrooms. Evie followed right along with a spring to her step. She came back with a letter from another kindergarten student and lots of excitement about the classroom. 

We skipped preschool to enjoy the rest of the day together! I am going to miss my sweet girl so much next year!

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