Saturday, May 24, 2014

Graduation Day!

Evie graduated from Pre-K last week! I was an emotional wreck and it was just Pre-K. That music gets me every time and it is just so precious seeing all these sweet kids on their special day. It is hard to believe that I have a child headed to Kindergarten. Evie is going to love it though so I will keep my tears to myself.

We had such a wonderful year of Pre-K. Evie loved all her teachers and I did too. She learned a lot, made good friends and had fun. Carl and I were really impressed with the teachers. Evie "traveled" to France, participated in music class, celebrated Cinco de Maya and listened to a speaker - this was all in the span of one week. As a teacher, I know how much behind the scene effort goes into every activity. 

Our preschool did a wonderful job with the graduation - a slideshow with baby pictures that the kids really enjoyed. It was hilarious watching their reaction to the baby pictures, delicious cake and punch reception, and the classes sang a song. Each child had the opportunity to tell the audience what their favorite part of preschool was - Evie announced to the group that lunch was her favorite. There is nothing cuter than a 5 year old on a microphone. 

Kindergarten here we come!

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  1. What a sweet graduation. There is nothing sweeter than little ones graduating from preschool.


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