Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dance Recital!

Evie participated in her second dance recital this past weekend! It was fascinating to watch all the girls and see their reactions. I really enjoy the back stage camaraderie between the moms. Lots of bonding over buns, hair pieces and snacks going on behind the scenes. 

Evie was in the same class as two of her close friends, Jessa and Sloan and that made dance even more fun for her and me!

Carl's parents came to see Evie in her recital. She She and Poppy  loved being there to cheer on their favorite dancer and Evie loved having them in the audience.

Henry had a sitter and his friend Anderson came over to play. Children under three were asked to stay home and there is no way Henry could have made it. We had second row seats and while we could not see the dancers feet - we saw their facial expressions. Evie could see us while she was dancing and I loved that close-up view of my best dancer.

Evie has decided not to take dance next year although that may change before the fall. I am hoping for a change of heart because dance at the YMCA cannot be beat! It's cheap, close to our house, free childcare for Henry and Mama can workout while Evie dances. Although, buns are not my thing so either way - dance or no dance is fine with me. 

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  1. Oh she is so full of life and spunk! She literally comes floating off the ground! She is so precious and I know her little light shines so brightly! Go Evie!!


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