Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up!

It's been a good weekend! Perfect amount of busy and down time.

Friday: Carl was home to see Evie get off the bus - that's a highlight for both of them. He was working from home that afternoon easily walked out to the  front yard to pick up Evie. I love seeing my sweet girl bounce off the bus! Evie says riding the bus is her favorite part of school!  Henry had a great day at school too. His teacher loves his "robust" personality. Henry is a big fan of preschool - friends, snacks and cool toys. Perfect place to spend the day! We celebrated the end of the week with pizza and ice-cream sundaes followed by playtime outside.

Saturday: Everyone slept late which is always nice! Henry and I made cinnamon rolls since we are always the first to wake up. We took the kids to Home Depot for a Build and Grow workshop. It was a blast. Evie and Henry made Wizard of Oz houses. I was not prepared for hammers and nails but I was able to build a house with just a tiny bit of help from Carl. Both kids loved it. Henry really wanted to use a wrench but was satisfied with hammering some nails. That afternoon, Evie had a birthday party at Goofballs. She had a blast celebrating Sweet Sam turning 5. It was her first time to ride bumper cars and to bowl. Bumper cars were a hit! Bowling was not her favorite but we will try that again because it would be a perfect winter activity. Evie and I were picking up Thai food for dinner when we got a call that my brother was engaged! We are so excited for him and Mary Devon. Evie is very concerned that she has missed the wedding. Wedding will be after Mary Devon completes her residency in the spring. Looking forward to their wedding and getting a SIL!

Sunday: We had a low key day! It was nice and cool - perfect for a picnic and outdoor fun.  Our day went by so quickly! Evie and Henry played a lot, then we went to the grocery store, played outside with the boys, and then went to church. Our 20's and 30's group got together to make dinners to stock the church freezer for parishioners in need of dinner. It was so much fun cooking in the kitchen together while the Dad's watched the kids. Sometimes the idea of a Sister Wife seems like a really good idea especially if I could pick her and she had her own husband. Ha! There is just nothing better than good girl friends!We came home from church and it was bedtime for the kiddos.

That wraps up our weekend! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and that the new week starts with a bang for you.

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